Veronika Marešová

Certified Style Coach™ and Image Maker


Any human is a reflection of their thoughts and how they view ourselves and the world.

During my adolescence, this realization has changed my life. I understood that I want to allow myself to think big, have a healthy self-confidence, use my potential and qualities, because otherwise I would be constantly hiding and ignoring my true self.

I believe that our attitude, self-confidence, inner beauty and values in life are reflected in our outer beauty and image. How we present ourselves externally is a reflection of our inner selves and how we think about ourselves.

That's why I made the decision to help people express their personality externally - through image, and to navigate and inspire them in the long- run to find a healthy attitude towards themselves and the life they choose to live. To support their self-confidence, potential and authenticity.


I am still working on myself - I have personal mentors, coaches, and thus improve my expertise and offered services. I gradually expand them with training programs for stores and fashion brands, with workshops tailored to companies or with online education.

I stand for the opinion that if you want to make the most of your life and potential, you need to learn from the best and most successful in the field. That is why I completed some of the best courses both in the Czech Republic and abroad. E.g. at the Style Coaching Institute in London, Make-up Institute in Prague, Magdalena Vokáčová etc.

I enjoy being a woman. With my husband Jiří, we are raising our son Edík. I believe that one day he will grow into a confident person with faith in his heart and a healthy attitude to life.

Do you want to share your story with me?

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